I slept at around 5 last evening which was supposed to be a nap of 30 minutes. I woke up to realize it was 6:18 which would have been okay but it wasn’t because it was the morning next day. Trying to open my heavy as lead eyes is never a task I enjoy and to top it my body won’t respond to me. I felt numb initially but once I woke up from bed (And funnily the morning alarm set off on my iPhone just after that, that is at 6:30 ), I realized I’d slept so much that I am going to be lazy all day today and it is no different than a hangover minus the alcohol. The world seems to spin around me but it feels like its going away slowly and I don’t understand why. My mom made me a nice cup of tea just now which might help a little.
I am also wondering about the people who’d have read yesterday’s post. Two people have responded, Mohit (Hey thanks for the tweet 🙂 ) and Karen with her first comment. There is a lot going on facebook too, I tried to catch up. First, even though I am interested, I need a break from knowing what’s happening at CES. Second, there are a few people having fun changing their profile information every now and then. It is a clear misdirection in my opinion. When you have to hide things from someone, you give out information about something else that might seem true. Its fun though. I hope they have it too. And some attention as well.
Before I’ve even finished this post, I realize I was to go to college today and meet Rahul, Mohit, Krithika and Prasad. I also had to fill out a form for my LC, which has taken me years so far. I think I am going to drop that plan though. Rahul has not his bike with him, Mohit will meet only for lunch, Krithika can’t bunk her college today and Prasad is the only guy as free as me and will come if I ask him to. But may be some other day. I’d have to call them up and tell them this. And also I need to talk to Roshan, a 9th grader I am assisting with his studies (which is a part of iHelp, more on that later). That’ll be all.

P.S. Its hard trying to think of who might be reading this and what they might know about me or what I write already. And there aren’t many people yet reading anyway. So I’ll just not bother with details, if you are too curious, feel free to ask anything.

2 thoughts on “A long sleep of 13 hours and a terrible hangover

  1. Dumb, you already knew i was only free for lunch…So why even make a plan? This aspect of urs hasn’t yet changed. Lazy fella..

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