When the weary day has gone
and the peaceful night awaits
With the moonlight shining on the window
And the cool winds playing charade
I think of you and I miss you
Even more than in the day I do

And then I hear your voice on the phone
Assuring me that I’m not alone
The noise in the background fades away
We begin to talk, with hardly anything to say
Before long, you start to yawn
Exhausted you are, and so am I
I catch a breath, and oh you’re gone
Before I could even say goodbye!

My mind stays engrossed with the things we say
And more with the things you never talk about
What good am I if I cannot comfort you?
When it makes no difference, if you are with or without
me and my love
What good are our talks, if only of merry times?
When we can’t open up our hearts
trust and say it all

Take my hand, for I care
More than I will ever say
Accept me, and I promise
I’ll be there, come what may.

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