For some people it’s easy to wake up early; for others it’s not. For me, it’s easier to wake up at 4 or 5 in the morning than it is at 9 or 10.

The reason? I have not slept, for the past few months, before 7-8 in the morning. Why? I spend my nights consuming news from the people who matter in tech – Leo Laporte and many of his live-streamed shows(netcasts) on his TWiT network, Robert Scoble, his blog, YouTube videos and controversies like when he spent around 7 hours a day, 7 days of the week reading and posting every post on friendfeed to his issues with QuoraTechCrunchDiggnation and a few others. If you go check them out, you’ll know how much there is to consume.

So what’s special about today? A couple of things. I had to pick up my darling little sister (Actually, I was surprised to know how old she really is, which is like too old) and drop her to Andheri. Why? She works and lives there in a rented apartment and was here (in Ulhasnagar where I and her folks live) and needed to go back this morning. And I happen to be a good choice if you want to do something early morning. Later in the day, don’t even try to call me unless you have patience the size of the hugest dinosaur.

It is surprising how packed a second class compartment can be even in the morning at around 6. We chose otherwise but those cars filled up pretty soon as well. And a bet that I was going to have with Jacky last night about those ticket counters opening that early where he said they did. I am glad I didn’t wager. And contrary to popular belief, people behind those counters are not that cranky if you append a “please” after your request and a “thank you” after you’ve gotten what you needed. Oh and also if you offer them change.

Fast forward and we are in Andheri. Our only option for breakfast, because most places don’t open that early and not everyone I know is as jobless as me, was a south Indian corner. And medu wada sambar it was. The fluffy kind. And also vada pav. And yes women (Indian women I mean) do enjoy chatnis of all kind and anything spicy in general. Don’t waste time arguing against that.

Good bye time for Komal (Have I not mentioned her name before in the post?). I don’t know why I entered her apartment for just a glass of water. And ended up waking her roommate whose name reminds me of a television network. And mothers. If you’re reading this, iApologize. You did wake up to a smile at least 🙂

Going back becomes difficult when you don’t have change for the auto rickshaw. The only time I miss Channel V from my childhood days when it had a superhero. “Chuttaman”! Yea, if only. And apparently, you won’t get it at big, fancy looking general stores if you go there and try saying, “Give me a big pack of Lays if you have change for 500 Rs.”. Yes, tried that a couple of times. I once almost wanted to ask, “How much worth stuff should I buy for you to give me some change?”. But I was in a good mood and I don’t really snap at people like that. Ask anyone. So that’s the puzzle. And the solution? A medical store. Yes. They won’t tell you no for anything. So I got a pack of band-aids which I recalled I’ve run out of at home anyway. So, keeping your head cool helps. And also does offering a mentos, also from the medical store, to the rickshaw driver to have him drive like Schumacher to take you to the station in minutes. Well, almost.

And the next time you are at a station like Andheri and you want to catch a harbor train and you have followed the directions everywhere to still end up at the same platforms which are not meant for you, it will be better for you if you decided not to be a guy for a minute and ask for directions. Ahem. Actually, I take that back. Platform 6 and 7 are supposed to be right after 1,2,3,4 and 5, and not along the length of platform 1 on the other extreme. First the design. Then those unhelpful directions. I had a lot of time though. Why am I complaining! I did then and it’s alright now. Moving on.

Next stop? Good old SIES GST, the last educational institute I attended, not so good on the administration part and the paperwork. They made us run everywhere to get signatures of everyone there was in the hierarchy once. The LC application was registered quick enough last time, along with a change in the birthdate. I thought things had changed. Friends told me it was only for pass-outs like us and not for others. I was happy either way. The LC was ready and it was quicker this time. What wasn’t quick, and therefore a little frustrating, was a friend who was not answering my calls. And I had a packet to give to her which I wouldn’t be able to again anytime soon. Solution? Well of course that charming little fellow named Dev in the canteen who serves food and cleans tables but never is seen without a smile on his face. Your parcel, Ketki, is safe with him. And you’ll know if something happens to it, tomorrow you might see them announce food items on a cheap iBall microphone.

Hungry again. It’s when I meet one of those few people I wanted to meet today, after long. My Portuguese friend left for Goa early morning and is coming back in the evening. And I have no idea why. Mohit, who works in Vashi, turned up on time. I didn’t. Why? I am used to boarding the Thane train from Nerul, so I did. Except that we were meeting at Vashi for lunch. Some more embarrassing stuff happened on my way to Vashi. And that’s why it’s better kept concealed. I learned a few things though. Of all the things in this world, the reason Mohit won’t get an iPad is because of it’s low battery life. Lame. Nope. Way over the line that’s labeled greed. Or hunger. Or lust. Batterylust. It does make for a cool sounding nickname. Don’t forget to thank me if you read this Mahtab.

Mohit and I had lunch. Although, we exchanged many calls, Rahul couldn’t make it. He woke up late. Kane, his bike, is sick. Pray for him. And he had to go shopping with his mother. Priorities. Democracy it is. Krithika couldn’t come either. She still goes to college. And not a good one, I tell you. It took me around 30 minutes to type this out on my iPhone while I was waiting for either you or your text saying you can’t come. You know what it was because I’m sad now.

And I also wanted to meet you, you know who you are. I miss you.

Forward to next day. Fast forward please!

3 thoughts on “Humans like humans, my sleep issues and lots of fun

  1. My bike is in perfect running condition.. nazar math daal be , numberplate was broken and even thaths fixed

  2. You got all that done in one day! Amazing! Love your style of writing & love the humor. I’m not there, but I can visualize the food your eating, places your going and the transportation you using to get there. Good Stuff!

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