The album art for our weekly show - GST Weekly

I went to SIES again today. And this time not to meet old friends or to attend an event. I went there to start off a new show we are calling “GST Weekly”. The show will be a weekly digest of everything that happens about in and around SIES GST, Nerul.

I recorded our first episode today with Ketki Ambekar and it will soon be out at Also accompanying us in the show is Mrs. Seema Khan, who has been a lecturer and the training and placement officer at SIES for about 4 years now. She has agreed to be in the show regularly and also let us record in the training cell at college.

The main idea behind the show is to discuss news and events that happen in college every week. Also, I hope people start raising issues which they normally don’t. I want people to start asking questions, giving suggestions and just having their voices heard. We want to become the voice of every SIES GSTian.

The album art for our weekly show - GST WeeklyPlease go and listen to the show either at or like our Facebook page at And do tell me if you have any suggestions.

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