I’ve been ignoring some people lately. And if its my friend that I am ignoring, I must have a reason, shouldn’t I? 

I planned a trip to the south with a friend, Rahul Somasundar recently. Everything was planned except that nothing was but that was the plan itself. And then there came this issue with financing. In that, we didn’t lack any but we had our priorities.

I had none initially and then we decided to wait for a week to arrange something. A lot happened during that week. I managed to save some up but at the same time I made a decision. An important decision for TSTG to move ahead. I decided to get a professional microphone for the show. And that required an investment from my side, which was so far a lot more than what I required for the trip.

There is nothing wrong with that except that I lacked the guts to tell him this. So when he called, and kept calling, on the date we had decided to finalize everything, I ignored them all. I was a little occupied so it didn’t bother me much then.

Things seem a lot different though when you take time and think about things. It wasn’t right, and that’s alright, from his perspective. And what made me realize this was his cool way to talk to me the next day when I finally answered his call. He asked about it. I was a little hesitant to say anything. He understood. I didn’t restrain myself from being upfront though and told him no. He was fine with it and told me he was going anyway, by himself.

And this is what I admire in some people. Their ability to accept things as they are. I didn’t have to explain anything to him. I didn’t even tell him I had other priorities. He understood.

How many people accept your decisions without ever questioning you? How many people you know who really understand without you saying anything?

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  1. This should be sent personally to Rahul… :pAnd then you will get the reply that you hoped you would get when you told him on phone. 🙂

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