There she stood, silent and calm,
Looked at me with teary eyes.
She’d wished to know for long,
The reason for the fights and the cries.

She stared at me for long, without pause,
With her eyes, she poured her vulnerable heart.
I’d longed too, to share what was inside,
It was intense and I knew not where to start.

My loving heart had grown cold, icier than ice;
A thousand fiery fires could not have possibly melt,
Nor a million ton of iron could have crushed to see through.
Deeper than the deepest sea of Neptune was felt what was felt.

Wallowing in my oblivion, I’d longed to be understood,
To her, I explained myself, once and twice and thrice.
Who would ever understand my obscure self
When all know the worth of water, all here but ice?

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