We fight like kids and then we walk away
We love to yell and scream!
Such a wonderful thing to lose, it seems
Our friendship should have saved the day.
I’ve fought a hundred battles, ask my weary bones
All have been for my sake and my sake alone.
But when I fight with you, my dear
It is not for me anymore
I write this lest you may never know I fear
And lest my punctured pride, you may always abhor.
The past holds us all back
You and me alike.
Know this, if love is what you think you lack
We like someone, because; we love them, despite.
But to refute and refuse, you always had a knack
Had you been more aware, this moment we would unite!
It is fair enough that life gives us choices to make
And we all choose what suits us best.
Even though a few hearts it might break
And even to ourselves, it causes much unrest.
It is only fair, now that I see
That we were made polar opposites of each other
For what I want, you claim to have not for me
And what you need, I cannot grant you for free
Now is what I asked for, for now’s the moment to love
And never was what you wanted
So, never, my dear, forever shall be.

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