I have fallen in love. Once again. Love, in part, to me is the ability to have someone around all the time and not never get bored but never enough to want to get rid of them. Women talk, but if I could listen to one all day long and all year long, I’d know that our love is true. I’d know that sometimes when someone talks, it can seem like music and when they sing, it can seem like heaven. Heaven indeed. I am shy, so I’ll leave it understated. There’s no one like you ever born and no one ever will be. I am in love with you, Joni Mitchell. via Facebook

Some people do. Others make people believe they’ve done.

I’ve always held a high regard for one of the greatest scientists this planet has ever seen. He was like the Batman. In that, he was more than just a scientist. He invented things and tried to make this world a better place and never bothered about his reputation. I first read about his real story in a Linda Goodman book and then, he was everywhere. I think the world owes him a word of gratitude, if not anything more.

It is not what I am underneath that matters but what I do that defines me.

-The Batman

Why Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek who ever lived – The Oatmeal.