I tried to speak with a golden tongue
And it failed to make a difference
So I lashed out with fierce words
But that couldn’t earn me any reverence
Against my nature, I could turn violent
If it only budged you an inch
Guess I’ll just be, forever, silent
Inch by inch, everything’s a cinch!

The first time I glanced my eyes at you,
Knew, my heart at once, that I’d seen you before.
The stories of a hundred past lives suddenly came true,
The stories of you always making me want more.

The first time you uttered those meaningless words,
I heard not one, but I heard you.
Up we went to the sky, flying like birds,
And like fishes we swam, deep in the vast ocean blue.

Before I even met you, in my heart, I knew
You had come to put an end to my despair.
You, who is old like oak, yet inspiringly new,
The one with almond eyes, and the scorpion stare.

Oh Cathy, why won’t you come to me?
I wait for you, and I’ve waited an eternity.
I breathe and live only to see your face once more
Once! before I die and lay in earth with you at peace.

Haunt me! Drive me mad! Take any form but come to me!
Take me with you, only do not leave me in this abyss
Where I cannot find you; where there’s not a single joy for me.
I shall live, die and not utter a sigh, if you were to come back, only to say good bye.

Oh Cathy! You were my only joy on earth and I ask not for more,
Don’t find me unsuitable to be with, now that you’re no more!
Talk to me and let me hear that alluring voice again
Say my name, oh for once, and ease me of all my pain

Come hither dear Cathy, my love,
Come from the land beneath or the sky above!
Bring me not joy or peace, for they mean not a thing to me,
Just come to me, you’re all I wish to see.

My body aches from the pain of revenge and sullenness,
And my soul longs to unite with it’s other-half.
I forgave my murderer but yours I could not!
Come, if only to seek revenge, it’s better than naught!

Your soul shall not rest in peace for a moment
While I shall live, and I’ll keep summoning you,
In hopes to save me from myself, from this life I so loathe.
Come once Cathy! Either murder me or give me the will of a life anew!

Written from the point of view of Heathcliff who cannot bear the separation from his other half, Cathy. He longs to see her again after she’s gone and imagines the time when she died.

I sowed a seed, and watered it with care,
Gave it all it could possibly need.
Little did I know, you tiny seed
How could you grow, in a land that was bare.

It died as easily as one can.
And with it died the sower.
Our little romance is over,
Over before it even began.

No more, no more,
What I feel shall live no more.
A child’s heart is innocent, and his eyes pure.
And when it breaks, what in the world can cure?

I can’t wait for ol’ time to come and aid,
I make sure, for all my transgressions, I’ve paid.
The life of the wretched miser I leave behind
Only peace, now, I seek to find.

No more will I weep, for what happened long ago,
What’s true now, may not be so to-morrow.
I feel no need anymore, for my pain to show,
No more will my heart feel joy in it’s never-ending sorrow.

The joys of the future, I am unfamiliar with,
What was my reality, seems now only a myth,
Closer to me are the sorrows that never leave,
The time is nigh that from them, I, myself relieve.

You shall see me no more around those gardens of romance,
I shall have not time for a little merriment and dance.
Meaningless pleasures from things trivial, do people derive,
For a higher goal, I shall rather set my heart to strive.

The man shall grow, he shall grow stronger every day.
He shall face with courage and dignity,
Everything that happens to come his way.
Anything that holds him back and restrains,
Will have to leave, and cannot stay.
From his fears, and oh how many!
He shall not find an excuse to walk away.
When dark clouds swallow the sun and its shine,
Of light, he shall make himself, a ray.
He shall have his head up high and proud,
He shall be free, come what may!