I wanted to write a post yesterday on your birthday, Karen. I couldn’t.

It had something to do about me being grateful. For a lot of things.

If you search for “Rishi Talreja” on google, this essay that you wrote months ago shows up on the first page(8th in list). There’s another story associated with it. And there have been numerous conversations between the two of us which has led to many inspiring things. One particular being where we talked about how we can focus on a lot of things every day and still find time for our work. I”ll be writing a separate post on that later this week.

I wanted to discuss this and more in detail. But time went by and even today seems to be coming to an end. I couldn’t write it today morning. So, before this day ends, I wanted to write something to make me remember later. I’ve decided to do things more than planning to do things. And this is one such thing. I am too sleepy right now to continue.

Thanks. For a lot of things.

P.S. You still remind me of my childhood. #TimeTravel