I had a thought this evening. I wondered why I can’t train my left hand to be as dextrous as my right hand. I sure can. And I have started working on that! Why I like to do such things, and others? It helps me grow.

I haven’t seen a growth as tangible as when I do things going out of my comfort zone.

I want to be able to do a lot of things that I currently can’t. And nothing is stopping me. I have more time at hand than any other person I know. I am motivated. I have all the other resources to teach myself whatever I need to. What’s stopping me? I’ve wondered this for long and haven’t been able to figure out anything yet. But what I’ve discovered, in a reverse-engineering sort of way, is that if I do things in ways I don’t normally do, it energizes me and pushes me to do more. It is more helpful than any self-help book or guru you can find. Listen below as I share my experiences,

So I was travelling to the Mumbai University last week with Rahul Somusundar and he decided to pay for the auto rickshaw. He knew the fare already as a friend had informed him of it. He still was a little doubtful that the guy was cheating him with the fare so he asked to have a look at the fair chart. I commented that it was funny he’d do it, because I am a person who trusts people by default, and he said, “Its my right to information.” And we both laughed.