I just had a talk with Rahul Somasundar, who was about to go for an interview, about what I want to do with my life. He is one of those few people who feels good about the fact that I don’t want to work for someone. That does not mean I don’t want to work at all. I am working on three things presently – iHelp, TSTG and WebTri.

iHelp is the most important thing for me right now and it is what I want to keep doing all my life. I have not publicized it enough yet and I am quite happy the way it is going right now. The idea is to have a system to help anyone, anywhere and with anything. I am not someone who will specialize in a particular thing and focus. I want to do many things and be able to handle them all well. I could be a psychiatrist if I wanted to help people figure out what’s wrong with them. I could be a teacher if I wanted to teach people things. I could be a doctor if I wanted to heal people. I could be a business consultant if I wanted to help businessmen do their business effectively. I could be all that and more if I can find a way to learn as I work. That is what I am trying to do. Every problem that we solve at iHelp is unique, requires unique skills and is dealt with in its own unique way. That is one of the many things I like about my job, even though I never use the term “job” because it seems stupid to me.

The Small Town Geek is a tech podcast I am starting very soon with Karen Aranha (The Wikichic) and Ketki Ambekar (Dazz). The idea behind the show is to discuss, analyze and review tech stories with a focus on how we, as individuals, are affected by anything that goes around in the tech world. We hope to make tech easier and more interesting for many by being geeky and fun with our different and subtle characters.

WebTri consists of three people – Me, Rahul Thachilath and Aniket Kale, my friends from Diploma college trying to build web based solutions for people. One of our major goals is to gather enough money to sustain ourselves and then work on developing something new and interesting for everyone. It is certainly not going to be the next Facebook, so don’t keep your hopes high! We like to be modest about our work and follow the business principle – Under-promise, over-deliver.

The fourth thing that I am working on is myself. By mid-2010, one thing I had realized is that I needed a transformation. I have changed a lot since then, for better or worse, and I am striving to become a better me constantly. And the reason I mention this is because I put this on the list of things that I do daily. Improving my guitar skills, learning french, learning how to cook etc are as important to me, and in some cases more, as doing something to earn money. Money, I believe, is only a means to an end and not the end itself.

6 thoughts on “What am I doing?

  1. I see the change… I like it the way you have categorized things and I hope prioritized too. 🙂 Best Of Luck!

  2. good… very few of us get to follow their heart, rather have that courage to follow our heartlet me know if i could be of any use in any of ur ventures

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