I always say,

Happy people are helpful people

I’ve been accused of being self-obsessed and self-pampering in the past a million times. But it doesn’t matter much because I’ve realized I am the kindest person I know, when I am the happiest I think I can be.

Allow me to explain.

Try to imagine two people who want to work towards changing the world by helping other people. Assume that they both have the same motivation. One of them is me and another is Bill Gates. It does not take a lot of thinking to realize who is more capable of doing the essentially same thing. I don’t earn even $ 1K a month and he is worth around 56 Billion USD (or he was the last time I checked). Considering that we both want to do the same thing, he can (and does) essentially a LOT more than I can right now.

It is not very different when we talk of happiness. And when I talk of happiness here, I mean someone’s state of mind at a particular time or what we generally refer to as our mood. When I am in a good mood and I am cheerful, I tend to think of other people a lot more than I do when I am sad and dreary. I have no theory to back this up, except for the theory of common sense.

I was happy last night for what might seem like the smallest thing one can be happy about. But I like to feel good about the small things in life. Except that the person who bought me the news that made me feel good, was not in a good mood herself. And apparently, its wrong to suggest things (even good things) to someone who either is not very receptive or cannot understand how everything starts and ends with having it thought in our heads and having hope that it will be.

I always try to think of new and exciting things people can do. Not big things as starting a new business or changing an attitude. Little things, habits that eventually make us what we are. I believe if we can hope, we can achieve. Its not because people lack resources or are busy or have no experience that they don’t do things they ought to do, but because they don’t care about it enough to believe they can. And I like to push people like these in to understanding that all they need to do is believe.

And if, in your (you know who you are) opinion, that makes me too idealistic a person, I’ll respect your opinion but develop a callous indifference towards you. Because no matter how much I adore you, I have to protect my ideals.

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