• [ImmatureWisdom] Here's the key to joy- Learn to trade your expectation and desires for understanding and… http://t.co/7cMVb8BP #
  • [ImmatureWisdom] Here's the key to joy- Learn to trade your expectations and desires for understanding and… http://t.co/8wIZaWQi #
  • Hahaha! http://t.co/2R0tjU29 #
  • http://t.co/8y0fJrzN #
  • We all live in a yellow submarine. #
  • Read: I don't want a Galaxy S3. Even if you're giving it to me for free. Stop inviting me to weird events. When is mother's day? #
  • [ImmatureWisdom] Death cannot and does not end something as resilient as life itself. It is one of the greatest… http://t.co/kNmOa72c #
  • You love dexter or you love the best? ~ THE FUN ELF:) http://t.co/SxSSdOnd #
  • [ImmatureWisdom] Our biggest fears are not those that obstruct us from doing the greatest things but those that… http://t.co/UMb3PVzc #
  • I don't like talking to people. Perhaps, that is what makes me anti-social.

    Benefits: I don't talk or listen to… http://t.co/xyejyzrt #

  • The Art of Manliness Mustache Style Guide http://t.co/LDCMDjDU #
  • This one is for the scorpio full moon, also known as the wesak moon. Buddha, Pluto, Moon and our origins. And the… http://t.co/bqmn90ek #
  • http://t.co/h6n1Yquj #

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